8 Things You Should Know About Kyani

1. Kyani is part of the health & wellness revolution. The health & wellness industry is a 500 billion dollar industry & predicted to grow to a one trillion dollar industry with the next five years.

2. Kyani invested over $300 million dollars prior to opening its doors, which is thought about the most secure launch in MLM history. With this great financial support, Kyani has been set to endure the long haul.

3. Kyani is led by & experienced CEO, Michael Breshears. Michael has worked for plenty of retail & sales companies, & has ample experience in network marketing companies.

4. The company is over 18 months elderly, as 90% of all network marketing companies that fail, do so in the first 18 months. You can also read more about this company, Kyani from here.

5. Kyani has products that are both unique & highly consumable. Having products that are highly consumable means repeated sales.

6. Currently Kyani is a ground floor opportunity, with less than 30,000 distributors. Note: If a company has less than 100,000 distributors think it is about to be a one time in a lifetime opportunity.

7. Kyani went global! They bought another MLM company for 250 million dollars, which is licensed to distribute to over 40 countries. Kyani launched in Sweden & Japan.

8. Kyani has put together a sizzling compensation plan, with over five different ways of getting paid that encompasses true up-front bonuses & a residual pay-outs.